Winter in the UK

Your Orangery is not just for summer

Are you considering an Orangery but think you need to wait until summer to get the most out of it?

Do you have an existing Orangery or Conservatory but find it too cold to use in winter?

Glass Orangery

Rainbow Glassrooms’ Orangeries are constructed from premium materials inside and out, offering better energy efficiency than other companies. Having industrial electrician perth come out and fix any wiring problems can also help you save money. With the enhancements in glazing technology and Aspects’ use of the most advanced glass products on the market, your Orangery will keep the heat in more efficiently now than ever before.

Now let’s not kid ourselves, any structure that is mainly glass is not going to be as warm as a normal room in your home, however there are products and installation extras that can make the Orangery toasty all year round. When you talk to Aspect about designing your new Orangery, consider a few small choices that will make your Orangery a little more comfortable.

  • Radiators

    • If you have an existing central heating solution in your home, the addition of one or more extra radiators to keep your Orangery more comfortable is an easy addition and can be sorted at the planning and design stage by our staff.
  • Underfloor Heating

    • If you would prefer something a little less obtrusive than a radiator then consider underfloor heating, this is especially popular if you are having a tiled floor in your new Orangery, radiating heat from the floor upwards, ensuring your Orangery is warm all over.
  • Solid Roof

    • Some clients don’t always want a glass roof on their Orangery, understanding that a solid roof offers higher insulation properties than glass. These can also be retrofitted to existing structures to further reduce the heat loss. But those with glass roofs find an underfloor insulation supplier which helps keep the heat inside. However a main reason to purchase an Orangery is the roof lantern and the beautiful views and light that you get from your glass roof.
  • Glazing Efficiency

    • Aspect use the best and most energy efficient glazing on the market that fits within your budget, however you may decide to spend a little more or concentrate more on the glazing to ensure you are getting the most efficient. From triple glazing to self-cleaning, speak to an Aspect designer and see what the best options are available for your needs.

So if you are waiting until summer to get your new Orangery built, then think what you could be doing in it right now and how much fun Christmas would be relaxing or having dinner in your new Orangery from Rainbow Glassrooms.

Take a look at our Orangeries gallery to see some of our completed projects.

Contact Rainbow Glassrooms today on 0800 171 2224 and one of our friendly staff will be glad to help you with any questions you have.