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Choosing the right conservatory for your home

We could all use a little bit more space in our homes, whether it’s because of a growing family, or even just accumulating more possession than we know what to do with. A conservatory can be the perfect way to add this space, without breaking the bank. However, it is important to consider which type […]

Planning your Orangery’s Interior

Just like a conservatory, an orangery can add the extra space you need to your home. But now you’ve taken the bold step and built an orangery, you’re not stuck. How should you decorate it? There’s so much you can do to create a beautiful interior for your orangery, making the most of the space […]

How to keep your conservatory clean

Cleaning is the bane of any home-owner, but nevertheless it has to be done. However, there are ways you can make tackling the task of cleaning your conservatory much simpler and easier, making your household chores much less of a dull struggle. To make sure you make the most of natural sunlight in your conservatory, […]

Ever thought of a glass house?

The glass room is the latest way of extending your home into the garden. With the best high-tech materials, you’re now able to construct a modern looking room that is floor to ceiling glass, giving the amazing illusion that you are outside while still in the comfort of your own home. We’re experts in the […]

Orangeries come back into fashion in a big way

Everybody’s saying that orangeries are the new conservatories. While that’s hardly the case – demand for the traditional conservatory is still as strong as ever – customers are increasingly on the look out for something a little bit different to their neighbour. That means we’ve seen greater demand for both glass rooms – which add the […]

Planting your conservatory in winter

Conservatories and glass rooms can be a very versatile space which can be used all year round, so why not consider using yours to bring nature into your home by displaying plants? Traditionally, the Victorians used their conservatories as an extension to their gardens, a place to nurture and grow plants, as well as show […]