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Why you should get the right planning advice

Building an extension can be an amazing experience and can add that much needed space to your home. However, we cannot stress how important it is that before you start your build, you gain the best planning advice possible. In most cases, you will not need planning permission for your new conservatory. Under 2008 regulations, […]

Will and Kate get a conservatory

…And it’s a matter of national security, it seems. So, it turns out that a young married couple with a new baby have applied for – and received – permission for a new conservatory on their home in Norfolk. Nothing new there, as young property owners are always looking for new ways to extend their […]

New glass products from Aspect projects

Aspect, the driving force that keeps the UK glazing and conservatory industries moving ever forward with new products, ideas and innovations have seemingly done it again with their latest new product lines. The leeds-based company have recently announced a new addition to their Optitherm range, which they’ll market under a new name. This product, they […]

How to heat a glass roomed conservatory

Conservatories and glass rooms can be such a fantastic space within a home, but one major concern for anyone considering getting one is the heating. A conservatory must be comfortable all year round, warm in winter and cool in summer, for it to be a practical room. Luckily there are no building regulations for the […]

A history of glass

Windows, bottles, ornaments, we all come into contact with glass on a daily basis. However, most people know little about glass, how we came to use it and all the amazing properties it holds. Glass has been made and used for thousands of years, and can be traced back to 3500 BC, in Mesopotamia, where […]

Ideas for your orangery

The idea of an orangery may seem strange to some people, with the immediate images of tropical rooms full of fruit growing in hot countries springing to mind. But in reality, orangeries are just conservatories that have been designed to fit in with the rest of the house. This is usually done by being built […]